Of a Note in a Cosmic Song

 This science fiction novel in five parts follows a group of colonists as they decide to move from their home planet (DJar) to the nearest inhabitable planet (Kun DJar) to start a better society.... Click here for more infomation

Books in this series:
In the Real World

For 16 year olds, Jerome and Mariette, wars were events of history and faraway countries, until, during an Anzac Day family reunion, their boys-against-girls prank 'war' gets totally out of hand. Face... Click here for more infomation
Soup and Bread

Eleven year old Vonnie  is fussy about food, she hates Thursdays because it's PE and she doesn't like it when the teacher blames the whole class every time the bullies pick on Claire for being fa... Click here for more infomation
The Pit

At a reunion in a remote bush motel, four middle-aged friends contemplate their failed marriages and jobs. But the owner of the bar suggests that it is their expectations that have failed ra... Click here for more infomation

When thirteen-year old Kaie learns that his parents intend to move to Lohland, which lies hundreds of meters below sea level in a time when “global warming is real”, and that must leave be... Click here for more infomation
The Happiness Inquisition

  One day a child is admitted to hospital, the victim of abuse. Five people of different ages find themselves caught up in the series of events that leads up to this tragedy.  But who made ... Click here for more infomation
The Music of Life

Each person is born with a set of natural talents - their inner composition (or psychological type). Ignore these talents and you may find life difficult. Live in harmony with your inner composition a... Click here for more infomation

Books in this series:
Sprung from the Heart

A free not-for-profit anthology of poetry that shares the emotions of people who are struggling to cope with problems, such as bullying, eating disorders, anxiety, guilt and fear – emotions that... Click here for more infomation
The Future is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash

This anthology of 57 microstories by 32 authors was edited by Jot Russell, Paula Friedman and Carrol Fix Cover image by Chris Leib Please order directly from    http://www.amazon.com/gp/p... Click here for more infomation

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