Of a Note in a Cosmic Song

 A new planet.

 A new life.

 A one-way trip.

A group of colonists, all seeking a better future, each with their own past, and their own beliefs about the ideal society, must survive on a new planet, organize life, deal with conflict and diseases and build a new culture they can all be happy with.

Needless to say, it takes more than just space technology to start over.


Published by N Titi Publishing

Books in this Series

To stay, and die at sixty-five, or to go on a dangerous one-way journey through space? But what if chasinge your dreams into the stars means leaving behind one of your children? And what of those wh... Click here for more information

Four years at breakneck speed is all it should take to bring the colonists to their new home planet. For Aryan, it’s the greatest adventure of his life, but between space debris, personal trau... Click here for more information
Kun DJar

‘Back to basics’ was the plan, but their new planet is none too keen on guests. Between storms, disease, and broken equipment, the colonists must rely on each other to survive. But eve... Click here for more information

In town, Benjamar is determined to keep things from falling apart. Crossing the continent, Nini and Kunag’s exploration mission is searching for a better place to live. Can just four people b... Click here for more information

Benjamar has one last chance to get it right. If he succeeds, the colony will have a peaceful future.  If he fails, the red fog will wipe them off the face of the planet. But to take charge,... Click here for more information

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