Of a Note in a Cosmic Song

 This science fiction novel in five parts follows a group of colonists as they decide to move from their home planet (DJar) to the nearest inhabitable planet (Kun DJar) to start a better society.

They have the technology to make this journey in only four years, travelling on a luxury space ship (SJilai) that functions like an inverted planet, and they are prepared for starting over, living off the land, growing their own food, building new homes and electric turbines, and eventually creating new cities. In short, they have thought of everything, except...

Well, it takes more than technology to start a new colony. A colony is about people. But what if those people don't get along?


Published by N Titi Publishing

Books in this Series

Who would leave their home planet to become a colonist in space? Who gets to decide who stays and who goes? Does a mother have the right to decide for her children? Will convicts simply accept being s... Click here for more infomation

SJilai - the most luxurious and fastest spaceship the Bijari have ever built is designed as an inverted planet with 'real' daylight, artificial plants to produce their food, and three miniature cities... Click here for more infomation
Kun DJar

When Kun DJar turns out to have no natural resources - no wood to build houses or fires, no river strong enough to run the turbines - and with each of the colonists ready to fight to have their own id... Click here for more infomation

Enchanted with the flora and fauna of Kun DJar, much of which seems to have a mind of its own, the colonists are beginning to learn that they are alien guests on this planet and they had best behave a... Click here for more infomation

Now the first year on their new home planet comes to a close, the population is forced to reconsider everything they have taken for granted so far, both in their relationships with each other and thei... Click here for more infomation

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