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Who would leave their home planet to become a colonist in space? Who gets to decide who stays and who goes? Does a mother have the right to decide for her children? Will convicts simply accept being shipped off into space? And will those who are nearing the legal limit of sixty-five years old be allowed to leave DJar?

Cover illustration by Neil Smith

ISBN: 978-0-9922537-0-7 (2nd edition, print)

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Published by N Titi Publishing

This book is part of Of a Note in a Cosmic Song

Who wouldn't want to escape from a society where personal freedom and even lifetime is limited? Nevertheless families become torn apart because of the possibility to colonize a new planet. One by one the reader gets to know the persons who are desperate to go on this mission, those who are equally desperate to stay home and those who are denied the opportunity, as well as the circumstances that cause their reasons. I found the story moving, realistic and oppressing. Will the colonists free themselves of the laws they had to live by, or replace the rules by new ones?
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