The Music of Life

Each person is born with a set of natural talents - their inner composition (or psychological type). Ignore these talents and you may find life difficult. Live in harmony with your inner composition and life can be a breeze.

In three books that can be read independently of each other, this series describes and explains how we are different, why this is unavoidable, and what that means for the way we live together - based on the sixteen different types of people originally described by Carl Jung and Myers-Briggs.

Playing with Natural Talents: A Descriptive Guide for Discovering Typenames gives people the chance to discover their own typename or that of a person they know well.

Concerto for Mankind: A Musical Analogy of Human Types describes how that all works inside our mind in an easy to understand comparison to music.

Homological Composition: A Philosophical Perspective looks at the origin of our psychological differences, at their ethical and political consequences, and at what this means for our pursuit of knowledge and truth.

Please note that the four chapters of Playing with Natural Talents are available as four separate eBooks under the names: Nursery Rhymes, Musical Complement, Whistle While You Work and Sentimental Journey.

Published by N Titi Publishing

Books in this Series
Playing with Natural Talents

Quickly discover your psychological type, or that of somebody you know. Based on the letter types of Jung and Myers-Briggs, this book uses directed reading to help you understand what makes you speci... Click here for more information
Concerto for Mankind

For those people who wish to understand how our psychological types function inside our minds and how that expresses in the different types, this book explains the psychology in an easy to understand ... Click here for more information
Homological Composition

Intended both for academia and anybody with an interest in a theory of psychological types, this comprehensive philosophy looks at the evolutionary origin of our psychological differences, at the ethi... Click here for more information
Nursery Rhymes

Do I Really Favour One of My Kids?  And do I feel guilty each time I realize that? Personality clashes are both natural and unavoidable. By knowing your kids, you can relieve the guilt. The b... Click here for more information
Musical Complement

Are you looking for your perfect match? Are you trying to get in touch with yourself? Do you wonder who your friends are? Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or for a friend or com... Click here for more information
Whistle While You Work

Am I in the right job? Do I enjoy going to work? How do I know what job will suit me? Most people spend a big part of their adult lives working at a job to make a living, so it's important that the... Click here for more information
Sentimental Journey

Have you had times when you blamed your troubles on your upbringing? Do people say that you are just like your parent? If you understand the motivations of your parents, teachers or caregivers, it m... Click here for more information

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