Whistle While You Work

Am I in the right job?

Do I enjoy going to work?

How do I know what job will suit me?

Most people spend a big part of their adult lives working at a job to make a living, so it's important that they are in the right place for their natural talents. People who enjoy their work are happier people overall. Yet so many of us look for jobs for their status, because of the pay or because it is expected of us.

Most work environments require many different natural talents working together to achieve results.

This book helps you figure out what your own natural talents are, helps you understand how the talents of your employees or colleagues complement each other, and so it helps create respect for each other's skills and work ethics - turning the daily grind into a daily delight.

Cover design by Lianna Gonlag

Cover art by Pauline Hill.

ISBN: 978-0-9876698-8-9 (epub)

and 978-0-9876698-9-6 (Kindle)

In print this book is available as one chapter in Playing with Natural Talents.


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This book is part of The Music of Life

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