Nursery Rhymes

Do I Really Favour One of My Kids? 

And do I feel guilty each time I realize that?

Personality clashes are both natural and unavoidable.

By knowing your kids, you can relieve the guilt.

The book also answers:

Why do I clash with my teenager?

Why can’t I get this child to behave in class?

Why can’t my child make any friends?

I treated all of my kids the same, so why does one of them have problems?



Cover design by Lianna Gonlag

Cover art by Pauline Hill

ISBN: 978-0-9876698-4-1 (epub)

and 978-0-9876698-5-8 (Kindle)


In print this book is available as one chapter in the book Playing with Natural Talents.


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Published by N Titi Publishing

This book is part of The Music of Life

As the mother of three homeschooling boys, each with distinctive personalities, I am always grateful for tools that explore personality traits and their impact on learning. For this reason, I was excited to pick up a copy of The Music of Life, Playing with Natural Talents by Nōnen Títi. This self-published book explores typology, a theory first conceived by psychotherapist Carl Jung and author Isabel Briggs Myers. Many readers may already be familiar with the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, in which subjects are given a questionnaire that explores how people interact with their environment. Typology's goal is similar, but accomplished through third person observation rather than first. Through an extensive list of questions, we can consider the traits of significant others in our lives. Títi divides the book into sections so that the reader can explore personality types as they relate to our children, caregivers, colleagues etc. In the end, the reader has an interesting profile of the individual they are considering. Different types have different needs and when we understand these differences, we become more effective as teachers, parents, friends and coworkers. Títi does a nice job of organizing and presenting this helpful guide. For homeschooling parents, who may not have an abundance of free time, this is a concise and user-friendly text that has much to teach about the significant and exciting diversity individuals possess.
Rebecca Pickens (in HEM magazine)


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