Nônen Títi was born and raised in The Netherlands, has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia, and currently lives with her family in New Zealand. 

With an original background in mental and physical healthcare, tropical nursing and midwifery, I have since trained and worked as a Montessori teacher, home-educated my two (now adult) children, and trained as a hypnotherapist. When my children went to university, I decided to join them to do a degree in philosophy.

All those experiences contribute to the content of my books, but my true inspiration is derived from the study of human psychology (not neurology), especially that of Carl Jung and the personality type theories assiociated with him, which I have devoted myself to for almost twenty years now.

There is no end to the complexities of human behaviour, which makes it an endlessly fascinating topic. Apart from the non-fiction series, The Music of Life, which describes and explains the psychological type differences, all my fiction books feature characters that are true to their type. 






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