Portraying Human Nature Where Psychology Cannot

Welcome to the website of Nônen Títi and N Títi Publishing.

N┼Źnen Títi is a penname, intended to represent all ordinary people, who, at times, may feel like a non-entity in this big world. None of my books represent specific social, cultural, ethnic, gender, religious or orientation preferences, because my specialty is the inborn psychology of real people, which goes deeper than any of the above superficial distinctions. We are all people, and to make those inner differences understood, the characters tend to represent similar groups, while they find their soulmates across such boundaries.

All our books are available via this website and the prices currently reflect the price for a printed book in New Zealand dollars. Regrettably, the prices are quite high as a result of shipping costs that include being able to track the parcel to its destination. Buyers in New Zealand would best not use the Paypal button, but the "contact me" page to talk to me directly, and we can make an arrangement.

Alternatively, you can order printed copies directly from The Copy Press (www.copypress.co.nz), go to bookshop and click Nōnen Títi in the side bar.

EBooks (both epub and kindle) are available by clicking on the provided link on each page and follow the instructions from there.

All other information is provided with each of the books, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Bookshops: Please note that I sell to retailers at 20% off the RRP; 40% if ordering 5 or more copies.

Thank you for reading,

Nônen Tíiti


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