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Two sixteen-year-olds experience war at their school (In the Real World), an eleven-year-old fights food-related problems and bullying (Soup and Bread), a fourteen-year-old discovers that climate change is not the end of the world (Lohland); five people, ranging from eleven to adult, are confronted with the tragic results of moral judgment (The Happiness Inquisition), a middle-aged narrator must deal with his midlife crisis (The Pit) and a whole colony of people must make a new beginning when they leave their home planet (Of a Note in a Cosmic Song). 

Those are the topics of my fictional novels, none of which represent specific social, cultural, ethnic, gender, religious or orientation preferences, because psychology goes deeper than such superficial distinctions. Hence, their inner differences distinguish the characters, the resulting personality clashes and friendships  across social and cultural boundaries.  

There is no end to the complexities of human motivations, and the psychological and philosophical explanation and descriptions of these inborn differences between people are the topic of my non-fiction books (The Music of Life).

MOST books can be ordered by clicking the provided link on each page. For printed copies you will be directed to The Copy Press (RealNZ Books). For ebooks (both ePub and kindle) you will be directed to meBooks.co.nz  

The three young adult novels have a free parents and teachers' guide for those wishing to use it in the classroom or for homeschooling.

All other information is provided with each of the books, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. And if you think the books valuable, then please recommend them and write a review.

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