Sentimental Journey


Have you had times when you blamed your troubles on your upbringing?

Do people say that you are just like your parent?

If you understand the motivations of your parents, teachers or caregivers, it may be easier to accept the way they went about raising or teaching you. It may help dissolve that lingering resentment or those recurring irritations.

We cannot change the past, but we can change how we feel about it.

This book is designed to help you find the inborn personality type of those people who raised you and in the process learn a little more about them.

Originally printed as one of four chapters in Playing with Natural Talents, this eBook is for 'children' of all ages to find some clues about those raised or taught them, using the psychological types of Carl Jung and Isabel Myers.

 Cover design by Lianna Gonlag. Cover art by Pauline Hill

ISBN: 978-0-9922537-3-8 (epub) and 978-0-9922537-4-5 (mobi/kindle)

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In print this book is available as one chapter in the book Playing with Natural Talents.

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This book is part of The Music of Life

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