Homological Composition

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Intended both for academia and anybody with an interest in a theory of psychological types, this comprehensive philosophy looks at the evolutionary origin of our psychological differences, at the ethical and political consequences of accepting that these type differences are inborn, and at what that means for the pursuit of knowledge and truth. 


Cover illustration by Neil Smith

ISBN: 978-0-473-38472-2

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Published by N Titi Publishing

This book is part of The Music of Life

The series (The Music of Life) is meant to help you grow above your judgements about other people, especially the ones you are having trouble with. And the good thing is: when you stop judging and find a way to understand instead of experiencing problems, you do not only free the other person from your judgement, but you also free yourself from this disturbing field. The books are easy to read and contain nice metaphors to understand things better. It starts easy by gaining understanding through the YELLOW book. You can dig deeper into the subject in the GREEN book. In the BLUE book you can walk through a more philosophical exploration of the subject. The books can help you to make it easier to interact with family, friends and colleagues in everyday life. They can also help treat your children the way they need to. It could give them lifelong trust and confidence. The books give you the gift of self-acceptance, because you understand how you are put together and how that relates to your environment. These books make me happy.
Aster Isk


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